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Osteopathic Treatment: What to Expect the First Time

Many of us have heard of an osteopath, but not a lot of us know what they do. Osteopathy is a system of treatment designed to help your body adjust to an environment. To ensure your body is equipped to deal with a range of environments, it sometimes needs to be altered to reduce the amount of stress. If you’ve booked treatment with an osteopathic physician in Rochester or anywhere in the UK, you’ll go through a similar procedure.

Before you meet with an osteopath, read through the list of benefits associated with using a skilled physician.

  • Reduction in pain & tension headaches
  • Reduction of pain in muscles and joints
  • Support of spinal postures
  • Better joint mobility
  • Improvement in blood circulation & healing

Although not all osteopathic clinics are the same, you’ll generally go through similar procedures.


Your first visit will take about 90 mins, depending on the problem you present with. You’ll have to provide your background medical history and other information to ensure you get the best treatment plan.


This will consist of movement analysis to see how assess your biomechanics. You should wear comfortable clothes to make the examination easier.


This is usually hands on and consists of massage, stretching, joint mobilisation and other techniques. The style of treatment used depends on the type of problem you have.

Follow Up

The first treatment allows the osteopath to assess your body in more details, their findings will dictate what follow up treatment will best suit you.

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